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Improve communication within and across teams with customized workshops 

If you are planning a one-off workshop with your team to improve communication, you have landed on the wrong website. If you are really serious about improving your Team communication then you are right where you should be. Now what will your next step be?

Team communication can often become complex due to a number of factors such as the way a message is received by each team member; their diverse range of skills and the level of energy in the room. 

It is therefore extremely important to accompany each team member on this journey if you want to obtain sustainable results at team level. 

Now imagine that...

You buy a house with a garden, but this garden is not quite as you want it. In fact, it has not been taken care of for some time; there are weeds, trees not pruned properly, and the land has not been fertilized. Do you genuinely believe that you could make it as you wish overnight? 

It takes time for trees to recover after you trim them, for the grass to grow after you plant seeds and for flowers to bloom. Similarly, in a team you will need time to engage with the people who are more skeptical, or engage those that are not highly motivated. Only after you have prepared the ground and worked at the individual level, you can start working with the whole team because now each single element of your garden has received the right attention and it is harmoniously aligned with the others. 

At the end of a Team coaching journey, you will: 

1. Understand and align with your colleagues on what communication is, openly talk about the difficulties you are facing, and ultimately building an action plan to improve it. 

2. Build a list of dos and don’ts to help you communicate consciously with your teammates. 

3. Define a clear communication strategy to be used in order to work successfully with other teams and stakeholders.

“A garden is not a place. It is a journey.”
Get in touch with me so we can sow the ground together and then reap the results of a high performing team. 

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