Does this sound familiar?

  • You don’t know how to communicate your important needs to others in your life (family members, friends, colleagues, boss) and it leads to frustration and conflicts.

  • Your point of view is rarely considered in the workplace because it is not expressed clearly and boldly.

  • You have a lot of negative self-talk and your self-esteem is low, which keeps you from reaching your goals.


If it does speak to you, don’t worry! You can get yourself out of these frustrating situations by applying conscious communication principles. Conscious communication means being aware of the words you use, how you use them and the impact they have on yourself and on others.


Communicating consciously is not something you are born with – it’s something you can learn!

On average, we say more than 15’000 words per day, yet only few of us are fully in control of our communication and its impact.


Through language, we build our own Identities, our relationships, and the companies we work for. Many problems in our private and professional relationships are related to poor communication. Get better at communicating, and your life overall will improve!

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