Does this sound familiar?

  • You don’t know how to communicate your important needs to others in your life (family members, friends, colleagues, boss) and it leads to frustration and conflicts.

  • Your point of view is rarely considered in the workplace because it is not expressed clearly and boldly.

  • You have a lot of negative self-talk and your self-esteem is low, which keeps you from reaching your goals.


If it does speak to you, don’t worry! You can get yourself out of these frustrating situations by applying conscious communication principles. Conscious communication means being aware of the words you use, how you use them and the impact they have on yourself and on others.


Communicating consciously is not something you are born with – it’s something you can learn!

On average, we say more than 15’000 words per day, yet only few of us are fully in control of our communication and its impact.


Through language, we build our own Identities, our relationships, and the companies we work for. Many problems in our private and professional relationships are related to poor communication. Get better at communicating, and your life overall will improve!

How can I help?

I am a certified coach, partner at the Coaching Group of Switzerland and Neuro Linguistic Master Practitioner specialized in communication coaching. During our one to one coaching sessions we will work closely together to get rid of your obstacles and finally set you free!

My one-on-one coaching will help you:

  • Discover the main communication channels and how to target your message to the unique preferences of your stakeholders.

  • Be able to listen empathically so that you can build rapport quicker and build more profound relationships.

  • Understand how your own brain and brains of others process language to communicate more effectively.

  • Learn how to finally take control of that nasty voice inside your head.

  • Build stronger arguments and convince others more easily through using language models.


Are you interested in learning how I can help YOU solve your communication issues and improve your life? 

What do my clients say?

"The coaching sessions with Davide were enormously helpful in improving my interaction with colleagues and my ability to persuade them to “buy-in” (of their own volition) what I need them to do." 
Ahmed Karim​
Business Partner Relations – Integration Project Manager



"From the start Davide’s open attitude and strong interpersonal skills allowed for a coaching atmosphere that is open and transparent. I felt very comfortable with his coaching style as he encouraged me to open up and challenge myself to think differently. 
I very much consider that the coaching methodology as well as the strong array of tools helped me to make fast progress and feel confident of applying them in circumstances that I need them."
Alexander Strasoldo

Project Leader, Innovation Acceleration Team


"I feel fortunate and grateful to be coached by Davide for six months (2 meeting/month).
Thanks to your trustable, friendly and devoting personality together with your high professional skills and approach, I felt very comfortable from the start, opened up freely, remained highly motivated and determine to growth and make best of this opportunity.

I could not imagine that this coaching could make such an impact on my life. 
Many many thanks Davide. It was such an enriching and joyful experience which I will always remember."

Yassaman Shahkhalili-Dulloo

RD expert- Research Center. Switzerland


About me

Born in Italy and raised in a multicultural family, I have appreciated and embraced diversity since I was a child. With my background in business management, I started working for multinational companies across the globe. I worked in Italy, USA and I now live and work in Switzerland since 2010.

The more I travelled and adapted to new countries and environments, the more I realized two things: 

  • Change IS possible and can be fun. 

  • It does not matter how far you travel, change always starts inside yourself

In my work, I have met hundreds of people and while I appreciate the distinctiveness of each individual, I also appreciate what we all have in common. This inspired me to study what motivates us and drives our unconscious behaviors and how can that knowledge be applied to improve people’s lives.

My certifications:

  • Integral Coaching Certification - Centre for Coaching (Geneva, Switzerland)

  • Licensed Master Practitioner - Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP Life training Dr Richard Bandler (London, UK)

  • Licensed Coaching Practitioner - Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP Italy (Milan, Italy)

Get in touch!

Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation to understand how learning to communicate consciously can change your life! 



Phone: 0041-763583728

Skype: davidecostella84


Davide Costella


Lausanne, Switzerland


Phone: 0041-76358 3728

Skype: davidecostella84