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"The coaching sessions with Davide were enormously helpful in improving my interaction with colleagues and my ability to persuade them to “buy-in” (of their own volition) what I need them to do." 

​Ahmed Karim​

Business Partner Relations – Integration Project Manager

Yassaman Shahkhalili-Dulloo

RD expert- Research Center. Switzerland

"I feel fortunate and grateful to be coached by Davide for six months. Thanks to your trustable, friendly and devoting personality together with your high professional skills and approach, I felt very comfortable from the start, opened up freely, remained highly motivated and determine to growth and make best of this opportunity. I could not imagine that this coaching could make such an impact on my life. "

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Who is Davide Costella?


Born in Italy and raised in a multicultural family, I have appreciated and embraced diversity since I was a child. With my background in business management, I started working for multinational companies across the globe. I worked in Italy, USA and I now live and work in Switzerland since 2010.

The more I travelled and adapted to new countries and environments, the more I realized two things: 

  • Change is possible and can be fun. 

  • It does not matter how far you travel, change always starts inside yourself

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