Have you ever found yourself in one of these situations?

  • You ask a team member to accomplish a given task and later realize that it was done in a completely different way.

  • You give constructive feedback to one of your teammates and they get defensive, insecure and begin to underperform.

  • Your team works very hard on a project, however other functions are unaware of it or even worse they do not understand what you do at all.

These situations can be avoided with the use of conscious communication. Conscious communication means being aware of the words you use, how you use them and the impact they have on yourself and on others. 


Communicating consciously is not something you are born with – it’s something you can learn!

On average, we say more than 15’000 words per day, yet only few of us are fully in control of our communication and its impact. 


Would you like to be one of those people?

Conscious Communication Workshops

As a certified coach and Neuro Linguistic Master Practitioner specialized in communication coaching, I can help you and your team learn the most effective communication principles and tools.


I offer custom Communication Workshops tailored to the unique needs of your organization. Workshop duration ranges from half a day to two full days depending on the subject and your requirements. All workshops combine theoretical training with practical individual and group exercises. 


After attending my workshop, you will:

  • Be able to listen empathically so that you can create rapport with your colleagues more quickly and build better working relationships.

  • Discover the main communication channels and how to target your message effectively to the unique preferences of your stakeholders.

  • Understand how your own brain and brains of others process language to communicate more effectively.

  • Learn how to identify the main blind spots that are hidden in our language so that you can ask quality questions to recover precious information 

  • Be able to recognize subconscious values and beliefs of others through paying attention to their use of language so that you can use a communication that is closer to them.

  • Build stronger arguments and convince others more easily through using language models.

  • Create a high performing motivated team using proven Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques.

Are you interested in learning how my Custom Communication workshops can solve YOUR team’s communication issues? 

About me

Born in Italy and raised in a multicultural family, I have appreciated and embraced diversity since I was a child. With my background in business management, I started working for multinational companies across the globe. I worked in Italy, USA and I now live and work in Switzerland since 2010. 


I am a certified communication coach and partner at the Coaching group of Switzerland, but I also work as a delivery services manager at a top FMCG company. Experiencing the everyday dynamics and challenges of a big corporation both as a manager and a coach allows me to best support you and your team. 

My certifications:

  • Integral Coaching Certification - Centre for Coaching (Geneva, Switzerland)

  • Licensed Master Practitioner - Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP Life training Dr Richard Bandler (London, UK)

  • Licensed Coaching Practitioner - Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP Italy (Milan, Italy)

Get in touch!

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Phone: 0041-763583728

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Davide Costella


Lausanne, Switzerland


Phone: 0041-76358 3728

Skype: davidecostella84